Questions and Insights from Week 10 Readings

Reading Analysis
Universal Methods 07 Bodystorming 

How many actors should you use when bodystorming? Does including too many people in a bodystorm make the simulation

Dramatics NYC Salon Customer Personas

Assignment Purpose
I selected a service experience that I found distinctive and with which I’ve recently been engaged. In my case, I chose Dramatics NYC,

Blade Runner Reaction Paper

Blade Runner is a film that explores the themes including time, space, humanity, memories, and exploitation and answers questions about the postmodern world

Hollywood and Film: 1900-1940 Literature Review

Assignment Purpose
The Literature Review is often the very first stage of any research project and it provides a backbone and context for all

Straight Out of Brooklyn Reaction Paper

“Straight Out of Brooklyn” is a slower paced movie that plays out the lives of a lower class African American family living in

“Deconstructing Analysis Techniques” Response

Whether looking at Dubberly’s bridge model or Baty’s deconstruction of analysis techniques, we can infer that analysis is a segment of the research